When it comes to your event, the last thing you want to have on your mind is failures.  MFNH has purchased and uses only the very best in PA outboard gear and Lighting gear as well.  This includes various speaker and lighting configurations based on your particular venue and needs.

We have wireless microphone capabilities for an MC to be out front for speeches and/or presentations.  We also have some of the very best lighting tree DMX systems that can be used in conjunction with Colorail Bars and/or Par 64 DMX Flood Lights, which always add to any and every show.

Finally, and of much importance.........we have modern, dependable transportation that we make sure to maintain, so our dependability rating of showing up on time, every time is 100%.


Having the right lead vocals on each song makes makes all the difference in the world!!!!  Ever get tired of hearing one or two singers trying to cover ALL of an event's required material?

That's over 32-36 songs in a time span of a 4-hour engagement, with only one or two singers.

Memphis Funk-N-Horns has 3, really good lead singers, offering the right voices for the right songs for your event.  Of course, those 3 lead singers also provide excellent back-ground vocal harmonies as well.

Gina, Rick and Jim get the job of lead vocals taken care of and keep your listeners interested to the great, vocal talents that Memphis Funk-N-Horns offers.  We will match our vocals against anyone elses, anywhere and anytime!!!!


Memphis Funk-N-Horns operates on self-contained administrative resources for costs incured.  What this means is that if an agent is used to book or employ MFNH for your event, MFNH pays the booking fee.  This is a rarity for MFNH, however, as we advertise and promote our band ourselves through FaceBook and our Website.  After all, we believe in ourselves and want to get to know you personally instead of going through an agency. 

Our manager (Mrs. Cheri Gambill) is very articulate, kind, fair and out-going. She also has many years of Corporate experience regarding Business Admin and communicates easily at all levels.  In Addition, she is easily reachable through texts, FB Messenger, Email and/or phone.


 Okay, so you have an event that   requires a lot of different music   styles, not just one.  You go to   the market and you find a   plethora of  Rock Bands,   Southern Rock Bands, Pop   Bands, Horn Bands, Jazz Bands,   Fusion Bands, Country Bands,   R&B Bands, Soul Bands, and   yes,  even Indie Bands.  (So   what are Indie Bands   anyway???)  So, which one is   right for your event???  And,   don't forget the classification of   Duo's, Trio's and yes, even a solo   artist or a DJ.  Well, what's your   choice going to be???  By the   way, Indie music is music that is   produced in a manner that is   "Independent" of Record   Companies, Production   Companies, etc.  It is music that   has been "Independently"   written, performed, published,   recorded, produced and sold   without record label ownership   at the time of production. 

Memphis Funk-N-Horns is capable of playing ALL the above.