Cheri P. Gambill, (wife of trombonist and founder, Jim Gambill), is our Manager and Communications Expert, and the glue that holds us all together.  She is personable, outgoing, friendly, humble, and lives by nothing but the best of values, morals and character in life.  Having been in Management in the Corporate world for some 43 years, Cheri has the abilities, experience, understanding and organizational skills necessary to perform and deliver in a prompt, professional manner. 

We are all, so very grateful to have her behind us, and alongside us, in our new endeavor of Memphis Funk-N-Horns!!!  If you would like to find out more about us, please contact her at the number listed at the bottom of this page......or, you can go to contacts and leave her your email comment and contact.

We value your input and opinions........they will only help us grow, because our entire commitment is to our listening audience!!!!! 

We have fun, at a professional level, making YOU have fun!!!!  Please be sure to check-out our entire website, and please remember to keep up with us on our Face Book page........Memphis Funk-N-Horns.

Thank you for your support in every way!!!!!


Memphis Funk-N-Horns